Monday 10 Dec 2018

Water Reuse (Joint Committee with CWEA) Committee

Water Reuse (Joint Committee with CWEA) Committee Chair:

Water Reuse (Joint Committee with CWEA) Committee Functions

The Committee shall provide effective communication of technical information regarding reclaimed water and its beneficial use to utility, regulatory, consumer, environmental, and legislative audiences. Activities shall include, but not be limited, to the following:

1. Provide educational opportunities through technical programs. (e.g., technical sessions at conferences, seminars)
2. Communicate information through publications and development of educational materials. (e.g., Chesapeake Section newsletter articles, brochures, project summaries).
3. Develop information displays for outreach at municipal, academic, civic and other venues.
4. Promote and support the development of legislation, regulations, or guidance that enable use and expansion of water reuse.
5. Coordinate with activities of national associations, including AWWA, WEF, and WateReuse Association.
The Committee shall be responsible for maintaining the CSAWWA and CWEA policies on water reuse. The Committee shall maintain communications with industry on existing applications of reuse programs, and shall assist in identifying grants and other funding for reuse projects.
The Committee shall interface with other committees of CSAWWA and CWEA to support complementary efforts. Co-chairs shall report to their respective Section on activities of the Committee.