Tuesday 11 Dec 2018

Water Distribution Committee

Water Distribution Committee Chair:

Water Distribution Committee Functions

Committee Members And Organization The Committee Chair shall be appointed by the Section Chair. The Committee Vice Chair shall be appointed by the Committee Chair with the advice and consent of the Section Chair Elect. The Committee Vice Chair may succeed the outgoing Committee Chair subject to the approval of the Section Chair. The Committee shall consist of the Committee Chair, the Committee Vice Chair, and a minimum of three (3) members to be selected by the Committee Chair. The Committee Chair shall solicit committee membership from those with water distribution systems concerns.

Committee Functions

The committee shall, in cooperation with AWWA, address the concerns of water distribution operators, encompassing the various aspects of water distribution systems and protecting the public water supply from point of entry to the tap. The committee will also consider the concerns of other interested parties of reliable water supply (e.g., firefighters, plumbers, public health officials, etc.). Applications for certification of training hours with regulatory agencies governing licensed water distribution operators in Maryland, Delaware, and the District of Columbia, will be made applicable. Announcements of committee-related training sessions will be made using licensed/certified operator records where available.