Monday 10 Dec 2018

Water For People Spring Campaign- 25 Years of Helping

25 Years: A Story of Progress

Over the past 25 years we’ve found that our work comes in all shapes and sizes, from community water points and household taps to hygiene programs and latrines.

Whether you’re trekking through the Bolivian countryside or following red dirt roads to the villages of Malawi, you’ll find that our success isn’t just found in the systems and services we foster; it’s found in the faces of the 1.5 Million people who now have access to safe water and the nearly 830,000 with reliable sanitation.

This spring we invite you to join us as we celebrate those who make progress possible, and the people who make our work worth it.

These are the faces of progress.


Here are just a few of our progress points since we started Everyone Forever programming five years ago.

  • 3,520 communities working toward Everyone Forever
  • 5 Million people with access to safe water safe water
  • 1500 schools with proper water and sanitation
  • 829,267 people with access to reliable sanitation
  • 1,751,489 people educated around proper hygiene
  • 973 new jobs created across nine countries

For more information about the WFP 25th Anniversary, click here.