Tuesday 11 Dec 2018

2015 Operator of the Year – Doug Vogt, WSSC

Op of the Year







Congratulations to Doug Vogt, Operator Patuxent Water Filtration Plant, WSSC

Doug was honored at the 2015 Tri-Association Conference in Ocean City, MD  Doug is pictured with Past Chair, Brian Gresehover.

Excerpt from nomination Plant Superintendent Robert Trimble:

Having completed nearly 27 successful years in the wastewater field Mr. Vogt decided it was time to stretch out in a new direction and applied for the Senior Operator position at the WSSC’s Patuxent Water Filtration Plant. In accepting the position he knew he would be given only one year to pass the state’s Water Treatment T-4 exam and only two years to become a fully certified Water Treatment T-4 operator. He accomplished both in quick order and set about refining his understanding of the processes involved in the potable water industry. He has been able to draw upon his prior experience as Safety Coordinator to instruct others on the proper handling of chlorine and several other of the plant’s process chemicals. Mr. Vogt has had much success in his career as a Water Treatment Senior Plant Operator and in 2009 after having mastered the Patuxent Plant’s treatment processes sufficiently he was assigned the Engineering Supervisor duties in an acting capacity. He performed those duties commendably for almost three years and in May of 2015 celebrated his 11th year at the Patuxent Plant. Doug has become a mentor to the plant’s newer operators and is still the “go to” guy on several instrumentation, operational and calibration issues.