Tuesday 11 Dec 2018

Strategic Planning Committee

Strategic Planning Committee Chair:

Strategic Planning Committee Functions

Committee Members And Organization The Committee Chair shall be appointed by the Section Chair. The Committee shall consist of the Committee Chair and at least five (5) members selected by the Committee Chair, one of which shall be the Chair-Elect. To the extent possible, the committee members should be chosen from areas providing a broad base of perspectives and interests relating to strategic planning, including but not limited to members representing:

· Large water supply
· Small municipal water supply
· Consultant membership
· Manufacturer membership
· Water supply regulatory authority
· Health
· Public relations
Committee Functions

The objective of the Strategic Planning Committee is to develop, for Board review and approval, a 5 year planning document for the Section. In addition to the long term planning, the Committee shall recommend a specific short term plan covering Section activities for the next year. These planning activities are to be accomplished by reviewing and modifying, amending or updating, as necessary, existing strategic plans of the Section. The Committee shall remain abreast of the strategic planning efforts of AWWA through the Section Director so that the Section’s planning is consistent with AWWA goals, policies, and financing. The Committee shall establish designated liaisons with the Diversification Management Committee.