Tuesday 11 Dec 2018

Section Communications Committee

Section Communications Committee Chair:

Section Communications Committee Functions

The committee shall be responsible for the preparation and distribution and/or maintenance of the Chesapeake Magazine, Annual Directory (integrated into the magazine), e-Bulletin, website, conference programs, and all other Section communications. The committee shall assist the finance committee in preparation of estimates for publication expenses. The committee shall also be responsible for the preparation of an annual schedule for all publications based on the Section’s Calendar of Events. All Section officers, Board members, and committee chairs shall be provided with a copy of the schedule along with final deadline dates. The committee shall consist of a Chair, Vice Chair, and three sub-committees, in addition to the Section Secretary Treasurer. Their duties and roles are as follows:

Section Communications Committee Members

Communications Committee Chair
The Communications Committee Chair is charged with leading the Section Communications Committee. Duties include, but are not limited to, preparing committee reports for board meetings, developing and updating a strategic plan, revising the committee functions as needed, coordinating the scheduling of all publications, assisting with the content of all publications as needed, maintaining a list of current and past officers, and coordinating the dissemination of all information related to the activities of the entire Section. The chair, with assistance from the Chesapeake Magazine Editor, shall be responsible for preparing the Chesapeake Section Directory with the magazine publisher. Duties include coordinating with AWWA staff, Section staff, Chesapeake Section’s Assistant Secretary-Treasurer, and the Membership Committee Chair. Additional duties include keeping current and accurate information to be included in the Directory, such as the membership roster of the Section. The Directory is to be published bi-annually as part of the winter issue of the Chesapeake Magazine. The Chair, with assistance from the Vice Chair, shall be responsible for the publication of the Annual Conference Program and Registration Forms. The Chair shall coordinate with the Program Committee Chair and the Arrangements Committee Chair to determine the appropriate time line necessary for the timely distribution of the Program and Registration Forms to Section members.

Section Communications Committee Vice Chair
The Communications Committee Vice Chair shall be the Chesapeake Magazine, E-Bulletin, or Website Editor, or someone else selected by the Chair. The Vice Chair shall assist the Chair in all committee activities and shall serve as the Chair’s proxy at board meetings if the Chair is unable to attend.

Chesapeake Magazine Subcommittee
The Chesapeake Magazine Subcommittee shall be responsible for the quarterly publication of the Chesapeake Magazine. This committee shall consist of the Editor at a minimum, in addition to regular content contributors and/or editors (including non board members) selected by the Editor and the Communications Committee Chair. The Editor shall coordinate the desired appearance and structure of the Chesapeake Magazine with the magazine publisher (currently Craig Kelman and Associates, Ltd). The magazine publisher is responsible for the collection and charging of advertisements, in addition to submitting proofs to the Editor for final approval before production. The Editor shall also be charged with integrating the bi-annual directory into the winter issue, receiving requests for advertisements, and coordinating those inquiries with the magazine publisher. Articles related to any events, job promotion announcements, or job advertisements sponsored by organizations that are not utilities, governmental entities, or the AWWA itself, are generally not permitted for publication but will be subject to scrutiny by the Magazine Editor with regards to established Chesapeake Magazine Article Standards. Content as such is generally regarded as paid advertisement material and must be coordinated with the magazine publisher. This precludes all events held by Section Committees, which will be advertised at no charge.

e-Bulletin Subcommittee
The e-Bulletin Editor shall be responsible for periodic notices of section and national events and news e-mailed to the Section distribution list. The e-Bulletin Editor shall contact the Section board and committee chairs monthly to request announcements and information for the e-Bulletin. Additional unscheduled e-mail announcements may be distributed as needed. The e-Bulletin Editor shall coordinate with other subcommittees, including the Chesapeake Magazine Editor, to ensure consistency in the committee’s missives. Requests to be removed from the Section e-mail distribution list will be forwarded to AWWA, who maintains the list.

Website Subcommittee
The Website Subcommittee Chair shall be responsible for the development and maintenance of the Section’s website; this shall involve coordination with other committees to place content and information on the website. Committee members shall consist of the Website Editor at a minimum. All changes to the overall website appearance and layout must first be approved by the Communications Committee Chair. Regardless if management and development of the website is outsourced to a web consulting company, the Website Editor shall be the only line of contact with that company to coordinate any modifications and changes. Job postings for any organization in the waterworks industry, public or private, may be submitted via pdf or electronic document and shall be posted on the website free of charge, but events sponsored by an organization other than AWWA or the Section shall not be announced on the website.