Friday 18 Jan 2019

Research Committee

Research Committee Chair:

Research Committee Functions

Committee Members And Organization The Committee Chair shall be appointed by the Section Chair. The Committee Vice Chair shall be appointed by the Committee with the advice and consent of the Section Chair Elect. The Committee Vice Chair may succeed the outgoing Committee Chair subject to the approval of the Section Chair. The Committee shall consist of the Committee Chair, the Committee Vice Chair, and a minimum of three (3) additional members to be selected by the Committee Chair.

Committee Functions

This committee shall promote research activity of interest and importance, to all segments of the Section and serve as the liaison between the Section and the AWWA Research Foundation (AWWARF). The specific responsibilities of the committee are as follows:

1) Serve as a coordinator/clearinghouse for the exchange of information relating to the development of new and the status of on going research in the Section and relay such information to AWWARF for dissemination so that others might benefit from the successful results and/or failures.

2) Compile a list of the practical problems faced by the various segments of the Section and industry represented by its members and act in an advisory capacity to the AWWARF suggesting areas of needed research.

3) Develop a priority list of research needed by the Section for consideration of the AWWARF.

4) Keep the Section abreast of the latest developments in the water researchfield both from within and outside of the Section.