Tuesday 11 Dec 2018

Membership Committee

Membership Committee Chair:

Membership Committee Functions

Committee Members And Organization The Committee Chair shall be appointed by the Section Chair. A Vice Chair shall be appointed by the Committee Chair with the advice and consent of the Section Chair subject to the approval of the Section Chair Elect. The Vice Chair may succeed the outgoing Committee Chair subject to the approval of the Section Chair. The Committee shall consist of the Committee Chair, Committee Vice Chair and minimum of six (6) members to be selected by the Committee Chair.

Committee Functions

This committee shall be responsible for the Section Activities in recruiting new members, retaining the existing membership, maintaining an up-to-date membership roster and serving as liaison with the AWWA Membership Committee. The Committee shall establish designated liaisons with the Diversification Management Committee. The work of this committee may involve making presentations to appropriate groups on the benefits of AWWA membership, preparing a special letter welcoming new members into the Section, and developing programs to recognize the attendance of new members at the Section meetings.

The committee shall develop and maintain an active membership promotion program. This may involve membership information booth and program presentation, participate at the Section’s Annual Meeting in such areas as new member recognition, and soliciting the support of employers to encourage membership.

The committee shall be responsible for contacting members who are delinquent in the payment of their dues or who have otherwise terminated their membership to encourage their continued participation or reinstatement in the Section.

The committee shall specifically identify the utilities in the Section area that are not Utility Members of AWWA. The committee shall prepare and implement a plan to recruit utility members using the recruitment tools developed by the staff of AWWA and the important technique of personal contact.

The committee shall prepare an annual committee budget to be submitted to the Finance Committee.