Monday 10 Dec 2018

Diversification Management Committee

Diversification Management Committee Chair:

Diversification Management Committee Functions

Committee Members And Organization The Committee Chair shall be appointed by the Section Chair. The Committee Vice Chair shall be appointed by the Committee Chair with the advice and consent of the Section Chair Elect. The Committee Vice Chair may succeed the outgoing Committee Chair subject to the approval of the Section Chair. The committee shall consist of the Committee Chair, Committee Vice Chair and a minimum of at least three members selected by the Committee Chair

Committee Functions

The Chesapeake Section of the AWWA welcomes all persons who are interested in the purposes of the section and qualified for membership in AWWA to join and participate in the activities of the Section. The principal function of the Diversification Management Committee, therefore, shall be to encourage diversity of race, creed, gender, physical ability, age, and profession in the Section not only in its membership, but also in its leadership and in the participation in its activities. The committee’s role shall primarily be one of advisory to the Section and of outreach to the industry. The committee shall work with and through other committees to achieve its goals. The Committee shall establish designated liaisons with the Membership, Small Systems, Strategic Planning, and Student Activities Committees.