Tuesday 11 Dec 2018

Conference Management – Tri Association Conference Arrangements Committe

Conference Management – Tri Association Confernce Arrangements Committee Chair:

Conference Management – Tri Association Arrangements Committee Functions

Committee Members And Organization

The Committee Chair shall be appointed by the Section Chair. The Vice Chair shall be appointed by the Committee Chair with the advice and consent of the Section Chair Elect. The Vice Chair may succeed the outgoing Committee Chair subject to the approval of the Section Chair. The Committee shall consist of the Chair, Vice Chair and a minimum of three (3) members to be selected by the Committee Chair.

Committee Functions

The Committee shall recommend a location for the next annual meeting to the Section Board so that the recommendation may be acted upon and presented to the general membership for approval at the annual meeting in accordance with the Chesapeake Section By-Laws. The site is usually selected two (2) years in advance of the actual meeting date and usually the committee is given some guidance and direction by the Board. The committee shall plan and be responsible for making arrangements for the Annual Section Meeting technical session, banquet and related accommodations. This shall include the following:

1) Plan, coordinate, schedule and arrange the use of technical session rooms, banquet rooms, Board and/or Committee meeting rooms and all physical arrangements with the hotel management. This should include adequate arrangements for the registration desk, information booth and special activities.

2) Provide all necessary equipment for technical sessions and other meetings such as visual aids, lighting, public address systems, lecterns, podiums, furniture, tables, chairs, readable name cards for the technical programs participants, glasses and ice water.

3) Schedule committee member(s) to be present at the technical session to regulate lighting, operate visual aids, place name cards and assist with drawing for prizes.

4) Arrange for refreshments (e.g., coffee and soda) during the technical session breaks.

5) Make banquet arrangements including menu selection, head table seating assignments including name cards, public address system and podium, banquet hall table arrangements including special tables for the Section Board, past Fuller Award members and as may be deemed appropriate, refreshments before and/or after banquet, supervising the award of prizes.

6) Select and purchase prizes for the technical session and banquet and any special gift(s) which the Section Board may wish to bestow on the visiting AWWA representative.

7) Select, usually with some guidance and direction by the Section Board, the musical and/or entertainment group(s) for the banquet program. This involves securing firm contracts, scheduling and determining the necessary access time and accommodations at the banquet facilities and securing the cooperation of the hotel management.

8) Plan and make arrangements for any social activities (e.g., the “Meet-and-Greet,” “Get-Together,” “Pool Party,” and “Club Room”) as may be deemed appropriate. This should include arrangements for facilities, catering, entertainment, hors d’oeuvres, bartenders, set-ups and the like.

9) Plan and arrange for special recreational events such as the golf and tennis tournaments and other organized activities. Include in these arrangements facilities, starting schedules, fees, pairings, modes of transportation, maps, judges and prizes.

10) Make all arrangements including scheduling, transportation and guides for tours, sightseeing trips and other similar events.

11) Coordinate arrangements with the Section’s Program Committee. The Arrangements Committee shall prepare an annual committee budget to be submitted to the Finance Committee and closely coordinate its conference related activities with the Program Committee.