Monday 10 Dec 2018

Bylaws Committee

Bylaws Committee Chair:

Bylaws Committee Functions

Committee Members And Organization

The Assistant Secretary-Treasurer shall serve as the Committee Chair.

Committee Functions

It shall be the responsibility of this committee to review the Section Bylaws for the purpose of considering any additions and/or revisions which may be deemed necessary and advisable. Usually, the committee is given some guidance and direction by the Board. The committee shall submit all recommendations for revision to the then existing Bylaws in writing to the Section Board for approval. Upon approval by the Board, the Committee Chair shall present the recommended revision(s) to the membership for approval in accordance with Article XI of the Section Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws and Governing Documents of the Association. The committee shall be charged with the responsibility for:

1) Preparing and/or revising the “Organization and Function” description of the Section Committee based on the guidance and direction of the Board.

2) Preparing and/or revising the Chesapeake Section Officer Committee Handbook which shall provide the Section officers and committees with a detailed guideline for the accomplishment of their responsibilities, proper protocol, suggested methods and standard operating procedures. This manual shall incorporate the governing documents of AWWA, as well as the Section Bylaws, organizational structure and committee descriptions.