Friday 18 Jan 2019

Awards History

Operator’s Award – This award is sponsored and provided by the Chesapeake Section AWWA. The recipient is to be selected by the AWWA Awards Committee from nominations made to AWWA. The award is presented at the Annual Meeting of the Chesapeake Section AWWA by the Section Chair or their representative. The Committee Chair shall, immediately after the Awards Committee is formed, request that candidates for the award be nominated no later than two (2) months before the Section’s Annual Meeting by insertion of notice in the Section Newsletter. Upon selection of an awardee, the Secretary-Treasurer shall secure a plaque to be presented to the awardee at the Section Annual Meeting.

Best Technical Paper Award – The Awards Committee shall select the best technical paper presented at the Annual Meeting. The committee shall meet immediately following the meeting to make this selection. The award will be presented at a Section Meeting.

 Heroism Award – Any act of heroism should be called to the attention of the committee for evaluation. To be eligible for the award, the nominee must, within the past twelve months have performed on or off the job a significant rescue toward saving another person or persons from loss of life or extreme injury and must have risked his own life in the process. The committee shall investigate and make recommendations as to any act of heroism on the part of a water utility employee in the Section and, upon approval of the Section Chair and Secretary-Treasurer, shall refer the recommendations to the National AWWA Heroism Award Committee. If approved by AWWA, the award will be presented by the Section at its next annual meeting. George Warren Fuller and Carl John Lauter Awards Subcommittee Subcommittee Members The Section Chair shall designate the five (5) most recent, available Fuller awardees as the Fuller and Lauter Awards Committee. Of these designated committee members, the most senior Fuller awardee shall serve as the Committee Chair.

Subcommittee Functions

The Fuller and Lauter Awards Subcommittee shall annually select from the membership of the Chesapeake Section (provided a suitable candidate is available), a qualified and deserving person to be designated by the Section for the Fuller Award and, similarly, a qualified and deserving person for the Carl John Lauter Award.

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Fuller Award: The committee shall prepare a citation of not less than thirty nor more than forty words, and compile a biographical data on each nominee sufficient for announcement purposes. This same biographical information shall be transmitted in a timely fashion to the person that is to make the award presentation. On behalf of the Section, the committee shall also invite appropriate family member(s) or others to the award ceremony, and shall do so in a manner to control the confidentiality of this award. The committee shall be responsible for a nominee being present at the Annual Meeting when the announcement is made. Although a nominee’s name shall be held confidential until it is announced at the Annual Meeting, a nominee may be informed of his or her selection if necessary to do so to ensure that the nominee attends the presentation. In any event, the public and membership shall not be informed of a committee’s selection until it is announced at the conference. The criteria for the selection of the recipient of the Fuller Award shall be in accordance with the most recent recommendations of the Board of Directors of the Association. The Committee Chair shall secure a copy thereof for the committee from the Execute Director of AWWA. Other details and conditions of the award are outlined in Section 4.C.1 of the Section Handbook.

Lauter Award: The Fuller and Lauter Awards Subcommittee shall also select annually from the membership a person who has provided outstanding service to the Chesapeake Section for the Section’s Carl J. Lauter Award. A biographical sketch on the selected awardee and brief citation shall be prepared by the committee and submitted to the Section Director so that the Director can make the award presentation at the Annual Meeting. The awardee’s name shall also be held confidential until formally announced at the Annual Meeting. Other details and conditions of this award are outlined in Section 4.C of the Section Handbook.